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Weddings can be stressful. Some people find the lead up, with all the planning, so many things to remember and so much to organi

21st December 2018

Weddings can be stressful. Some people find the lead up, with all the planning, so many things to remember and so much to organise, pretty stressful. Others love this part and all that goes with it. Some people find themselves worrying about all the things that may go wrong way ahead of the big day. Others find the day itself a stressful prospect. They may be worried about being centre of attention for the day. They may be concerned about how they are going to manage all their emotions. Some worry about how they will perform during the ceremony with all eyes on them. Others worry about how they will cope with family politics! The adrenaline coursing round your body on the day can cause feelings of wanting to escape or major panic. This is actually a normal response to a huge surge of adrenaline and doesn’t mean that you’re not doing the right thing!

So what can you do to let go of wedding stress and worry?

There are a number of easy-to-use mindfulness tools that you can employ now and on the day itself. In my talk ‘Worry Free Weddings’, I will be sharing some tips to allow you to

  • reduce stress,
  • let go of worry and
  • savour every moment of one of the most special days of your life.

Below are my top 3 tips. For more come along to my free talk. Get in touch if you would like an invite.

Top tips

Don’t listen to the naysayers.

Remember it’s your day. Your chance to be as creative as you like. You get to choose everything! From venue, to hairstyle, and right down to table napkins. People may give you their subjective opinion but it’s not about them. It’s all about you. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Failing that, don’t tell them what you’re doing. Tell them it’s a surprise until the big day!

A moment with your partner

Agree to take a moment with just you and your partner on the day. Pick a spot at the venue, somewhere quiet or peaceful. Take 10 minutes to just stop together. Hold hands. Stay quiet and breathe it all in. This can be a quiet moment of bonding. A chance to stop in the midst of lots of activity and remember the real reason you are doing this.

Time Out

Find 3 points during the day where you can just step out and be alone. It can be difficult to be centre stage all day. It can be draining being with so many people wanting to talk or touch you all day. So take some time out. Then just pause and breathe. Collect your thoughts. Recharge for a moment. Then you will be better able to be there for your loved ones the rest of the day.

Dates of my ‘Worry Free Weddings’ talks will be announced soon If you’d like an invite then get in touch.