Pet Memorials

Let’s honour your beloved pet and celebrate all they have brought you.

Losing your pet is like losing a member of the family. Many of us develop a deep and special bond with our animals. So it can be incredibly hard and upsetting when we lose them. A pet funeral or memorial can help you and your family process your grief and pain at their loss. It can help you say goodbye.

A bespoke pet memorial can be personalised to your dearly loved pet. I offer a sensitive, nurturing and understanding ear. We will talk about your loss during our consultation. I am there to give you support while you decide how you’d like to say goodbye. Whether you want to plant a tree in their memory, have a pet funeral or scatter their ashes in a favourite place; I will support you with a loving and special ceremony.

Pricing: £210 for a local pet memorial ceremony.

Next Steps

Give me a call or get in touch to discuss your ideas and see if we click before you make your decision to book.