Infinite Love Weddings help you celebrate your love.

We understand that weddings can be stressful as well as delightful.
This is why we offer a supportive package to help you make the most of your special day.
Are you worried about feeling stressed or nervous on the day?
Would you like to learn some simple techniques to reduce stress and deal with nerves?
A ‘mindful wedding session’ from Infinite Love could be just what you need.

Wedding Stress?

A wedding is a big event to organise. There is so much to plan, so much to think about. There can be family ‘politics’ to contend with and it can be a very busy time. There can be a huge build-up to the day which increases your excitement but also produces lots of adrenaline in your body. This can activate the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response and you may find yourself getting irritable or wanting to escape! This is nothing to do with your partner, it’s just adrenalin. Some people feel very nervous about having all the attention on them. Some dislike speaking in front of a group of people. All this can add to the nerves and stress.

When the day finally arrives, there can be so much going on and so many people to speak to that it can pass in a blur.

Mindful Wedding Session

A 2 hour mindful wedding session is a wonderful way to calm nerves and steady yourself prior to the day. Using my knowledge and experience of mindfulness and meditation, I will teach you some simple techniques to stay calm.

We will talk through your worries and concerns and the things that are causing you stress about the wedding.

I will show you how to stay grounded and ‘present’ so that you can fully enjoy the day. You will also learn how to deal with stress in the days leading up to the wedding.

We will then practice some mindful appreciation exercises. These will allow you to tune in to all that you are grateful for in your partner. I’m here to support you so that you can enjoy your wonderful day.

Mindful Wedding

Package includes: a 2 hour ‘Mindful Wedding Session’; a relaxing meditation audio in MP3 format; a handout to take away showing the practices learned; further suggested audio / visual resources

Pricing – £220 per session


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