Legal Aspects

Although the law changed in 1992 allowing you to get married in a licenced venue, the ceremony content hasn’t really changed. You have to follow a prescribed service with little room for personalisation and freedom of expression. Infinite Love weddings allow you to have a complete freedom.

Legal process

Here are some details regarding the legal aspects of getting married:

When you call the registry office, tell them you want a ‘no frills’, basic marriage registration. They will then talk you through the appointment booking and availability. It is a two stage process as follows:

     1. For all weddings, couples must enter a notice of marriage. At least one month prior to the wedding, you will both need to attend an interview to get the legal paperwork and you will pay approximately £35 each for this.

Once you have completed the notice of marriage you can then book a ‘registration of marriage’

     2. Registration of marriage – this is approximately £50 and takes place at the register office.

  • You both need to attend with 2 witnesses.
  • You can wear something smart or just jeans, it is up to you.
  • You will be required to make a verbal declaration which forms the legal contract of marriage between you. This is prescribed and will be given to you by the registrar. (Don’t exchange rings or say your special, personal vows)
  • You sign the register with your two witnesses.
  • You can book the registration of marriage before the wedding, check availability with the register office.
  • You are legally married from the date of the registration.

Brighton & Hove Register Office contact details:

Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN1 1JA

Call (01273) 292016