Your Wedding. Your Choice.

Location: You decide where you want to marry – By a waterfall, on the beach or in a Castle Ruin, you are limited only by your imagination.

Time: You choose what time of day you’d like your ceremony; at sunrise or at midnight or any time in between.

Vows: Choose from a vast selection of vows or use them as inspiration to write your own.

Readings: Choose from a selection of readings or use them to get ideas for your own

Music: Think freely and reach for pieces that say something about who you are or mean something special to you. You can choose recorded music or live singers or musicians.

Special additions: You can choose to include handfasting, sand pouring, candle lighting or a dove release if you wish to.

Next Steps

Arrange an initial consultation with me to discuss your ideas before you make your decision.

After booking

Once you have booked, I will work with you to create a meaningful ceremony which is individual to you. You will get access to vows and readings and other resources. We will work together by phone and email as we start creating the ceremony. We will meet for a full consultation face to face or by Skype. I will draft a ceremony based on your values, beliefs and ideas until we get it just right. We can meet for a rehearsal if required. If you would like one, I can offer you a personalised wedding certificate or presentation script to keep as a memento from your day.


Note: Email me with details of your wedding date and location for a personal quotation.

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