You already know that I’m an Independent celebrant based in Sussex but you’d probably like to know a bit more before you can decide if I’m right for you. So here goes:

Some of the things I love:


  • All the seasons, the British countryside, the Swiss mountains, the lakes in Ireland, the sparkling sea along Hove seafront. Wonderful views and stunning scenery feed my soul. So outdoor ceremonies are truly magical for me.

Love stories of every kind,

Whether they are:

  • As funny as When Harry Met Sally or as tear-jerking as the dear couple in UP.
  • As proper as Elizabeth and Mr D’Arcy or as scandalous as Oscar and Bosie
  • As action-packed as Princess Leia and Han Solo or as sedate as Bob and Charlotte who were ‘Lost in Translation’

And I never get tired of hearing new ones, what’s yours?!

Buildings with character

  • Historic castles, Tudor mansions, quirky barns, picturesque cottages, gothic manors, anything that looks like it might have a story or two to tell.

Early mornings – when no-one else is up and the phone doesn’t ring and I can start my day with a peaceful meditation before writing ceremonies with complete focus for a couple of hours.

My Guilty Pleasures

Coffee – from strong Americano, to decaf soya Latte I just love it!

Cheesy Rom Coms and certain crummy reality TV programs! – Yes, I admit it. 

Chocolate, rich and dark, with perhaps a twist of orange or something nutty.

When I’m not working

In my time off you can find me waving feathers on a stick which my two rescue cats Sid and Hattie chase with glee! Or chilling with my partner Carl – we love a night in watching a great film and eating some delicious food; (usually fending off Sid and Hattie who are always very interested in our food). I can also be found in local coffee shops chatting with good friends or on country walks with my brother (who I am very close to). We are all lucky to live in Brighton & Hove between the Sussex Downs and the sea.



Some of my relevant qualifications:

  • Achieved NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy.
  • Member of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants (FOIC)
  • Member of the Celebrants Collective
  • Graduated as a spiritual minister from the School of Conscious Co-Creation after studying many spiritual traditions including Christian, Muslim, Paganism, Shamanic, Maori and Native American Indian beliefs.


In the past I’ve worked as a

  • Meditation and mindfulness teacher. (I can give you some simple mindful techniques to help you stay present and get the most out of your ceremony.)
  • Holistic therapist with people from all walks of life providing healing, support and guidance using a vast array of spiritual and secular tools. So lots of experience listening to others and learning what makes them tick.
  • Training consultant – travelling the country and talking to large and small groups of people. I learned how to communicate in an engaging manner – even when the topic was rather dry…. Not that this would apply where your ceremony is concerned!